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What makes you happy ?

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Sharing my work online, seems to be something that has taken a backseat. Truth be told, I felt like a fraud sharing my work online, was I truly living the words I was sharing? And from time to time I would feel if writing anything on this blog was even worth it, I mean who is really reading it ?

I slowly let myself go, and fell off the wagon. Dropped my routine and began to slack. A few months later, I got a job and that kept me really busy, but deep down I still felt something was missing.

So I decided it was high time I got back on the wagon and began working on myself. I needed to disconnect from the drama that my idle mind was creating and connect to the self that kept my mind, body and soul happy and healthy. Obviously this doesn’t mean I will give up on the world and be in my little Miss Positive bubble, no ways. I am human and oscillating between emotions is only normal (more on this in another blog).

Now what makes me happy, need not be the same thing that makes you or someone else happy? As much as I love social media and it’s ability to help us connect. One of the biggest vices is, it throws us into a comparison trap. “Oh look at her, working out and eating healthy, let me try that too, or hmmm she is draws & paints so well why can’t I be like that? oh look at the number of books she’s reading why can’t I do that? Her instagram is so much more cooler than mine.” These are a few thoughts that I’ve had. It’s really good when we want to work on ourselves, but doing it because someone else is and it looks cool, isn’t the best reason to do it.

Whatever you do, do so because you want to, not because a 1000 people are doing it. 

So what makes me happy? 

WRITING. Even though I haven’t really written anything here on the blog for a very very long time, still writing is one act that brings peace to me, which honestly I’ve put on the back burner for the past few months. What I have begun to notice is, even 20 minutes a day, makes such a difference to me. I write because its one of the the few things that helps me connect to myself and helps reduce my anxiety. I write because it brings me immense joy and peace. I write because it is my form of meditation.

What makes you happy? What is that one thing you can do for yourself today?



Being good enough in the age of social media

The Girl In The Wild World is back and this time with something that Is very close to my heart. Some changes that I am making personally.


I haven’t been feeling so great. This constant feeling that I’m not good enough and haven’t achieved much has been lingering around. I shared this feeling with my husband, I was scared he might tell me not to over-think this or just brush It off, but that guy has been nothing but supportive, reminding me when I forget, that I am good enough. I also told my best friend how I was feeling (thank god for best friends <3) Talking to her opened my eyes to my own engrained expectations and preconceived notions about how my life should be.

Why do we feel like this? We set these high standards for ourselves and give a timeline by when we must achieve it. While having a goal is great, not being able to achieve that target isn’t necessarily bad. It doesn’t mean we aren’t good enough. And just because someone your age has achieved it, doesn’t make you any less or a failure. We have our own timeline for things to workout and our life trajectory is unique to us. We can’t expect to be running parallel to someone else.

Social media that was created to bring us closer(which it has in many ways), in reality has made us feel more alone. This constant comparison, the constant need to post and show the world, “Look what I’m doing, or look how perfect my life is.” Honestly how healthy is it?

We see too many photos, with perfect poses, heavy filters and too few pictures where You are just being YOU. While sharing every little detail of your day isn’t healthy either, sharing those bits of your life where you feel that maybe, just maybe if I share this it might help someone, is amazing.

I do want to make a difference, and going forward I’ve decided to share content that I know is true to who I am. I’ve hid the real me for too long. The girl who loves to share quotes, the girl who loves to talk about books,TED talk videos, cafes she comes across; but rather opted to share these posed and perfect shots and talk about things that weren’t authentic to my nature.

Let’s be more mindful of the kind of content we share and follow. Let your mental health me of utmost priority. And trust me we are all where we need to be.

Here are a few accounts that I absolutely LOVE, are authentic and worth the follow:

Heather Waxman– For those who are into self help and healing or looking to move through some deep seated emotions Heather is your girl, she has is raw, beautiful and authentic AF. She is one of my favorites and Someone who I turn to from time to time in search for guidance.

Mindfulness30: Varshaa is a professional Tarot Reader, numerologist and Reiki practitioner.  Want a reading done or just read your weekly sun sign prediction, then Varshaa from Mindfulness is your girl. She posts weekly readings and everyday posts content that is beneficial and life affirming. Contact her if you want a personal reading done. She is one of my dearest friends and is the most humble person I know.

Wander_leen (Harleen Singh):  Love dogs? Or just want to see a smiley face in the morning, then please give her a follow. Harleen is one of the few instagramers who I think is so true to her nature. Who shares on insta only things that speak to her and who talks reality. I absolutely love her and look forward everyday to pictures of her doggies, especially Glen.

Rachana Iyer (Rayiyer): My sister shares some amazing content on her insta. From Mumbai? and love to run but in search of a crew to run with, then she is the one to get in touch with. She is part of the Bombay Running Crew. How running benefits you not just physically, but mentally too.  She also talks about mental illness, the struggles and workshops that are coming up in and around India. She’s the BOMB 😉

Be YOU and know that you are enough. Be more loving towards yourself and cut yourself some slack.


Lakshmi ❤