#TheCurvyGirl Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Vrushali Nadkerni

Episode 2_ Interview with Vrushali Nadkerni

Episode 2 : Children & The Weight Loss Industry An Interview With Vrushali Nadkerni 

Hey everyone,

It’s Episode 2 and I am extremely excited for this weeks podcast. I had the opportunity to interview someone who is very dear to my heart, someone who has had such a huge impact in my life. Her name is Vrushali Nadkerni.

Who is Vrushali Nadkerni?

A multifaceted light worker who believes in saving the world one step at a time. She is first a facilitator and guide for the youth of today, working with various mediums of art education and spiritual growth. She has amassed invaluable experience working with pre-primary children and their teachers for over 25 years. Her ultimate goal is to create a generation of teachers who share her belief of raising future generations who think responsibly; work independently; & are compassionate, kind and caring.

As a trainer for teachers with a specialization in early childhood, she believes in starting with a transformation of their thought process to ensure their purpose of being a teacher is one with passion for learning and teaching – this allows every child to experience and adopt the same passion for learning.

Vrushali created the Talking Wall Project – a concept developed to facilitate learning involving talking and listening skills; story formation; description of senses like touch and feel; numbers and counting; as well as imagination – a concept adopted by many schools and nurseries.

She is a talented superwoman who on her downtime, is a life coach for both children and their parents to help them overcome obstacles in all forms. She also works with various modalities of spirituality and uses these to accompany her life coaching to help families. She advocates green-living, kind being and peace giving.

In todays Interview we talk about:

  •  A brief history about Vrushali’s childhood
  •  How to handle a child who is psychologically affected by body shaming?
  •  Schools role
  •  Parents & Sensitivity
  •  BMI Index- Is it really important?
  •  Importance of connecting to yourself
  •  The importance of standing by your child

Sit back with a cup of coffee/tea or drink of your choice and listen away. This is a long podcast.


This interview has so many golden nuggets.

I am sure there are a few changes we each need to make.  By changing as a society we help raise loving, sensitive and confident children and thats what the world needs today.

Connect to your inner self – develop empathy. No one needs sympathy, it’s empathy & connection that we all require.

We all have a story that has impacted us and lives on in our sub-conscious mind. So today I encourage you to connect to your inner self, dig a little deeper and notice what story have you been carrying around within you that doesn’t serve you anymore. What have you have been portraying onto others? It’s time to re-write the story.

Let me know what were some of your greatest take aways and if you have any questions for Vrushali or myself leave them in the comments section below.

Lot’s of Love ❤



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